Loving The Heat

July 19, 2020
Some people get it. Get what? The heat baby, when you love the fire there is nothing better than a good burn. What's a good burn? A pepper that gives you the heat but also the flavor. Most people use peppers wrong when cooking. Let's take our cayenne pepper for exzample. The Scoville is only 50,000 not a really very hot chili pepper. But people keep adding more and more cayenne into the dish. It's not gonna get hotter. You can't take 50,000 scoville and make 100,000 by adding more. It's gonna get pungent and a very strong bite. To much and the dish is uneatable. You have to understand the job of the cayenne pepper. A major attribute of the cayenne is that it enhanced other flavors. And intenifies as it cooks. Don't overdose the dish with cayenne. Try using a different pepper if you want it hotter. I have experimented for years with all types of pepper. I found this pepper from my wife's country. When translated from her language it means bird shit chili, no joke. Maybe a birds eats the chili and crap out the seads. I harvest some seeds and trying to grow them. This chili has the heat but it's full of flavor. My wife and I live for the heat. Enjoy your culinary journey.

Chef Gee fun facts. The magical powers of the Bay Leaves

February 8, 2020
Chef Gee aka Crazy Creole fun facts. The magical powers of the herb called Bay Leaf aka Laurus nobilis. A long history of Bay Leaf is used in Louisiana cooking & spells breaking. It was one of Apollo sacred trees. It also was used in the Oracle of Delphi. It’s a healing herb it also used for antibacterial, arthritis reducer, fungicidal & helps with digestion. Bay Leaf is bitter tasting, when put with others herbs & seasonings it rounds out the flavor of your dish. It’s enhances your soups, stews & gumbo’s. It’s a must in your pantry. But there is another use for Bay Leaf in the spirit world. What can I say I’m from New Orleans and know about these things. Bay Leaf is also used in the spirit world for protection, hex breaking, purification, healing & it’s said if you put a Bay Leaf in your wallet, it will attract more money. I’m sure Bay Leaf is also in a lot of gris gris bags in New Orleans, It protects the wearer from evil or it can be used to bring you good luck depends on what’s inside your gris gris bag. You also can burn it like sage it has many benefits physical & spiritual. Burning Bay Leaf has been practice for centuries. I’m sure you will not look at Bay Leaf the same anymore.